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Fresh Jam

West Coast Preservation Program

The Preservation Program, started in Winter 2018, was led by community priorities and increasing interest and activity in community sharing of local and  indigenous food knowledge, access, preparation, and preservation techniques so that our families can learn more about each season’s abundance and access a variety of healthy and traditional foods year-round. We want our families to enjoy greater food security through the knowledge of preserving local and seasonal food sources. They can access more food more affordably, be more resilient in a time of need, and contribute toward cultural revitalization of land-based food practices.

As of Fall 2019, there are Preserve Safe certified teachers in all eight west coast communities. Moving forward, the program supports local community teaching, teaching in schools, access to equipment and facilities, emergency food policies, and markets for production.

Train the Trainer

Support local champions to teach

  • Identify food knowledge holders and champions

  • Provide Preserve Safe and Food Safe courses and certification

  • Ongoing support for teaching and equipment acess


Delivery of workshops across the region

  • Supporting Train the Trainer graduates to deliver workshops

  • Work with local organizations and governments to deliver workshops

  • Help participants access affordable products for practicing and processing

  • Encourage online sharing platforms 

Community Equipment

Access to preservation kits

  • Make appliances like dehydrators and canner availabel for community rental across the region

  • Support small scale processing such as community smokehouses or kitchen

Healthy Kitchen Fund

Create spaces and opportunities to produce and share food.

  • ​Supporting community kitchen spaces that meet necessary safety standards

  • Reducing barriers to processing and cooking facilities

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